I turned 27 yesterday on Friday the 13th. To celebrate, I took the day off work and went skiing with my sweet Russian boyfriend, Serge. It was beautiful weather and we enjoyed ourselves to the max. My last run down the mountain was called “Bittersweet”. I hesitated, considered my philosophy on superstitions and skiied on. [click to continue…]

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winter advice: embracing the cold weather

by Katie on November 11, 2012

It’s November 11th and yesterday was the official first snow here in Denver. I was with my sister and she was complaining about the cold weather: “Ugh, it’s sooo cold.” I’ve been living in Colorado for 19 years and for the first 17, I would do the same thing as my sister – complain and hide in my house when the snowflakes started falling. It felt so overwhelming and exhausting to get dressed and be outside – it was just easier to hibernate like a little bear every year. [click to continue…]

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sugar facial scrub recipe

by Katie on September 9, 2012

There is nothing like a good facial scrub to perk you up after a fun weekend with friends. This simple recipe includes sugar, apricot oil, and bergamot essential oil. The apricot oil and bergamot essential oil can be found at any natural food grocery store (I use Vitamin Cottage). In addition to the ingredients, you will need a 2oz container to hold the finished product, measuring spoons and a 1/4 cup measure.

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so…i had my palms read

by Katie on September 6, 2012

Dolf, short for Rudolf, read my palms last night. I’m not a spiritual fanatic by any means. I, for the most part, base my beliefs off of scientific studies or things I have personally experienced. I’ve always had a hard time believing in God because we’ve never hung out (not to say that we won’t eventually). [click to continue…]

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Tonight was one of those nights that was purrfect. I came home around 6pm just like most nights, read my book on the couch for about 30 minutes, finished it, then took a quickie nap – with a mason jar full of home-brewed ice tea in hand. The people who know me closest know that I can fall asleep faster than you can blink an eye – seriously.

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