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What sets Sweets Cosmetics apart from the rest? Our four values of course: natural, homemade, local, and delicious.

  • natural: It has been proven that artificial ingredients are bad for your long-term health, so we have chosen to strictly use natural ingredients in all of our products.
  • homemade: We spend lots of time researching and testing different ingredients before finalizing our recipes and then we hand-make our products in small batches to perfection.
  • local: Our products are made from start to finish in Colorado because we believe it is important to support local economy (this also benefits the environment because we aren’t shipping things all over the place).
  • delicious: It’s important to “treat yourself” so we pack our products with the highest quality ingredients, just like grandma’s cooking, to guarantee an indulgent experience.

Sweets products don’t include parabens, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, petroleum, or deceptive marketing promises.

One more thing…We have been donating our cosmetics to local women’s charities since our start and we have committed to continuing that tradition as long as cupcakes are delicious.

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If you have an event and would like to partner up with a donation, check out our donation application!

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