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homemade face mask ingredients

by Katie on January 10, 2012

I started researching natural ingredients for face masks one week ago and I’m still finding different fruits/vegetables/spices and such that can be used for face masks. In fact, there were sooo many that I decided to make a little ingredient dictionary. So, voila! There you go!

  • Apples/Applesauce: Apples possess elastin and collagen which are both great for making skin look youthful.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar rids skin of bacteria and oils and balances the skin’s pH level.
  • Avocado: Avocados contains vitamins A, C, E and K, which helps a great deal to improve overall skin health and give a soft look and instant glow.
  • Banana: Bananas are anti-bacterial, contain antioxidants and vitamins which restore collagen. They are also a rich source of vitamin A and potassium.
  • Blueberry: Blueberries are high in anti-oxidants and best known for healing and soothing skin.
  • Clay: Clay removes excess oil, deep cleans your pores and prevents and clears up blackheads.
  • Cloves: Cloves are antibacterial and antifungal.
  • Cucumber: Cucumbers are a source of silica, a trace mineral that holds your connective tissue together. Their other active ingredients are glycerin, hyaluronic acid and collagen. They are great for balancing the oil production in your skin.
  • Egg Yolk: Egg yolks contain vitamin A which has retinoids which help skin shedding, regulate the amount of skin produced, and prevent pores from getting clogged. Also, they have 13 cis retinol which helps reduce oil production and bacteria.
  • Egg White: Egg whites are known for cleansing pores and tightening up skin.
  • Honey: Honey is known for its ability to absorb and retain moisture. It is also an antiseptic meaning it prevents the growth of disease-causing microorganisms.
  • Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is rich in alpha hydroxy acids that help exfoliate the skin and get rid of dead skin cells. The acid in citrus kills infection and dries out pimples. It also lightens acne scars.
  • Milk: Milk is a natural exfoliant and skin softener.
  • Nutmeg: Nutmeg is used for treating acne scars and blemished marks, It has anti-inflammatory properties and was used since ancient times for a variety of skin diseases including ringworms and eczema.
  • Oatmeal: Oatmeal contains 18 different amino acids which rebuild tissue and promote healing. It is also hypoallergenic and a humectant (meaning it helps hold moisture), so when combined with moisturizing ingredients such as banana or avocado, it increases the moisturizing benefits of the mask.
  • Olive Oil: Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and vitamin A. Vitamin E gives you a youthful appearance by slowing aging. Vitamin A is what gives skin a healthy, natural glow. Olive oil is also filled with antioxidants that fight free radicals that cause skin to age.
  • Papaya: Papayas contain the enzyme, papain, which acts as an exfoliant, removing dead cells and lifting away dry skin. Papayas also have antioxidants that control premature aging of the skin.
  • Pumpkin: Pumpkins are rich in vitamin A and C meaning they soothe and soften your skin while acting as a remedy for damage produced by free radicals. Pumpkins also feature Vitamins E and T, also known as torulitine. Torulitine helps in fighting inflammation, reducing pore size, controlling excess oil and helping with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (red spots that are present after breakouts).
  • Strawberry Puree: Strawberries naturally contain salicylic acid which is used in most acne treatments. Salicylic acid stops dead skin cells from clogging pores and is in lots of acne medication creams.
  • Sugar: Sugar exfoliates your skin. Don’t scrub your face too hard, though.  When it comes to exfoliating your face, you want to be gentle and the more spherical the exfoliator, the better.
  • Tomato: Tomatoes have cooling elements to soothe raw skin, astringents to remove excess oil, and tons of vitamin C and A to brighten dull skin and restore its health.
  • Yogurt: Yogurt is good for all skin types and it moisturizes and soothes skin.

Holy smoke! That’s a lot of ingredients. For help on deciding which ones to mix together and rub on your face, check out this blog with lots of homemade facial mask recipes. You will be savouring your new mask in a bath tub in no time.



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Talis Bradbery July 6, 2012 at 1:08 pm

I love the different ingrediants! I put some of them in a bowl and put them on my grandmother! She ends up looking like shes 24 years old!


Kimberly December 15, 2012 at 6:35 pm

Hey I love this thank you. A couple you might want to add: Turmeric is great for acne prone skin. Also Bitter neem leaf powder but, it can be very drying for the skin so you only want to use a small amount and use a good moisturizer after.


Katie December 26, 2012 at 1:29 pm

Hey Kimberly,
Thanks for the suggestion – I will definitely add those to the list!


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Kanishka September 23, 2014 at 9:45 pm

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Akbar February 18, 2015 at 7:48 pm

/ Im only 14 and i’ve already got big acne spots on my face, i want to pop them so much but i dont want to look like all those distisgung people with scars on the internet and all the nerds at skool. help me please im worried[]MasterP Reply:November 16th, 2010 at 3:21 pmFirst of all don’t WORRY. Acne is unpleasant, but we ALL get it at some point in our lives, and there is no stigma to it even if you might think there is. There is a chance that you’ll just have to grow out of it but there’s a bigger chance that you’ll be able to control it, limit it, or even totally eliminate it (depending on the type of skin you have and other factors), if you apply some of the techniques described in here, and possibly even try some of the recommended products.Here are some of the best natural tips to help you manage acne: (1) know your skin type, (2) drink a lot of water, (3) cleanse your skin 2-3 times per day using luke-warm water, (4) don’t scrub be gentle on your skin, (5) keep your skin moist at all times, (6) avoid soap on your face, (7) exercise regularly, (8) don’t stress, and (9) speak to your dermatologist!The first 8 of the above simple tips will reduce your acne dramatically within days or a few short weeks.Best of luck!! xx[]


Mohd March 26, 2015 at 7:48 pm

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