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pore strips and steaming your face

by Katie on February 10, 2012

6:30 PM: Just arrived home with my brand new Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. Calm down excited doggies and sit down to check email.

6:35: Put a pot of water on stovetop and crank the heat to high. Wait for water to boil, add a tea bag, remove pot and set on dining table. Turn on “Sunrise” by Norah Jones. Sit down, place small towel over back of head and hover my face over steaming tea-water.  At first, I struggle with the heat but I quickly learn to move my face around and after a few minutes, learn to relax and enjoy the facial.

6:39: Norah finishes up her beautiful song. I race to the bathroom with one of my strips and quickly stick it on my nose. I return to the kitchen and pour the tea into a cute rooster mug. Then, I turn on Sara Bereilles’ “Gonna Get Over You.”

6:45: Sara finishes up her sassy music video. I peel off the strip…and voila!

I’ve also used these pore strips after showers and they work phenomenally but this tea facial thing is just so relaxing…you gotta try it!

Benefits of Steaming Your Face

Also, there are benefits from “facial steaming” or how I like to say it: “Steamin’ Yo Face!”

  1. The warm steam causes your face to sweat which is a good thing because sweat contains wastes and toxins.
  2. The steam also increases your circulation which causes you to glow (like a pregnant woman, not like ET.)
  3. The moisture softens the surface layer of dead skin cells which allows 2 things to happen:
  • It helps your face to rid itself of dead cells and trapped dirt and bacteria that cause breakouts.
  • It opens up your pores which makes them more welcoming to products you put on your face after the steam-facial such as a tea tree facial moisturizer.

Warning: If you have extreme acne or a skin condition that is aggravated by sweating or increased circulation such as rosacea or fungal infection, facial steaming might actually make your skin condition worse. Check with your doctor to be sure before doing anything. Otherwise, steam on!



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