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Soft lips are the key to a sunny smile on a beautiful day; that feeling of smoothing soft lip balm onto dry lips is just the best!

Did you know that your lips lack a protective outer layer, which means they retain less fluid than the rest of your skin? They also lack oil glands, which keep moisture from evaporating. For those reasons, lips have little protection from the environment and are more susceptible to drying out, which is why it’s important to have a lip balm on hand or in pocket at all times.

We crafted our all natural, gourmet lip balm recipe for 4 years, testing it on our ourselves, our friends, our family, and just about everyone we knew who had lips:)

After experimenting with all kinds of different scents, we narrowed our top three flavors to orange-peppermint, grapefruit-lavender, and vanilla-rose (because they’re amazing). We promise that your lips will love Sweets and you might catch yourself smiling for no reason.